Sundae Services

Did you know ice cream is America’s favorite dessert? Yeah, you did. Because it’s likely it’s your favorite too. And ice cream sundaes? Well, that’s just next-level chill. With crunchy toppings, creamy sauces and tangy-sweet fruits, a well-built sundae is simply a thing of culinary beauty.
At Sundae Drivers, we’re all about the sweet decadence offered by a perfectly crafted sundae. Which is obviously not a surprise.
But you’re not here to be convinced about the tasty delights that ice cream sundaes offer. You wanna know how you can get one, like… now.
Well here’s the scoop.
We deliver! We bring SCOOPS TO YOUR STOOP, with ice cream sundae delivery services in Fort Collins. Build yours through our online menu, hit the submit button, and a Sundae Driver will promptly deliver your custom treat to you. It’s that easy!

Got an event or party that needs a special touch?

A Sundae Drivers’ ice cream sundae bar creates a happy memory that is not likely to be forgotten. Whether your kid’s soccer team won first place or your dad retired after 45 years with the same company, they both deserve to be treated with something special. Your hosted sundae bar will include a wide variety of toppings and sauces, as well as whipped cream. Plus, of course, the cherry on top.
At Sundae Drivers, we’ve created an inventory of the most popular sauces and toppings, hand-selecting only the best brands available. And we start with a base of premium ice cream, sourced from Little Man Ice Cream Company of Denver. We promise quality at all times.

Find out more about our sundae services by ordering door-to-door delivery now or requesting a quote for an event or party.

Hosted Sundae Bars for Parties

Hosted Sundae Bars for Company Events

Hosted Sundae Bars for Weddings

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