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Screamin' for Ice Cream? Stay Home — We'll Bring Custom Ice Cream Sundaes to You!

How to Get Your Sundae Delivered

We’re Sundae Drivers, Fort Collins’ first family-owned, woman-founded, and local ice cream sundae delivery service. We build custom sundaes to your tastes and get them to your door before the craving cools. Drenched in your favorite toppings and sauces, you have to trust us when we say these frozen gourmet treats aren’t just “any driven sundae!” 

Getting scoops to your stoop is easy. Just choose the number of scoops you want, what sauces and toppings do it for ya, and hit the order button. You buy, we fly. Nothing could be easier. Stop screamin’ for ice cream and hit that order button instead.

By the way, we’re proud to offer fresh, local ice cream made here in Colorado by Little Man Ice Cream of Denver.

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The yum comes one choice at a time. Have fun and load up. You get two sauces and one topping, as well as whipped cream included on every sundae. Extras are extra. But who doesn't love extra? Indulge that craving!

Just a Scoop

Take your pick of vanilla or chocolate and get goopy with it. Loaded up, one scoop is the perfect size for an after-dinner, ice cream treat.

Double Dat Scoop

Chocolate or vanilla, or both! With a variety of indulgent sauces and toppings, you can greedily double-down on your dae. Perfect for sharing. Or not.

Scoop "de jour"

Just kidding on the day thing. But we can promise a Sundae of the Month. Every 30 “jours” we’ll create a new sundae to tempt your tastebuds and thrill that sweet tooth.

What are you craving?

We do events too! Contact us for more info and rates.