Your "FUNDAE" needs a SUNDAE!


From family parties and backyard BBQs, to weddings and company events, we've got the scoops. We're Sundae Drivers, the area's first mobile, full-service, ice cream sundae bar. We create the decadent indulgence everyone loves, serve 'em up in style, and create a unique experience for any event. From 10 to 300 guests, we make every dae a fundae with sundaes.

How to Get Your Sundae Delivered

Did you know ice cream is America’s favorite dessert? Yeah, you did. Because it’s likely it’s your favorite too. And ice cream sundaes? Well, that’s just next-level chill. With crunchy toppings, creamy sauces and tangy-sweet fruits, a well-built sundae is simply a thing of culinary beauty. 

At Sundae Drivers, we’re all about the sweet decadence offered by a perfectly crafted sundae. Which is obviously not a surprise.

But you’re not here to be convinced about the tasty delights that ice cream sundaes offer. You wanna know how you can get custom sundaes at your next event.

Well here’s the scoop. 

Stop screamin’ for ice cream and contact a Sundae Drivers Scoopologist now. Yup, that’s what we call our pro-level servers and we’re sticking to it.

You can get more info about hosted ice cream sundae bars by calling 97-412-1080. 

By the way, we’re proud to offer fresh, local ice cream made here in Colorado by Little Man Ice Cream of Denver.


The yum comes one choice at a time. Have fun and load up. Every sundae includes your choice of three toppings or sauces plus whipped cream, a cookie garnish, and (of course) a cherry on top. We source local, premium ice cream and every sundae bar comes with dozens of the most decadent toppings. Your guests will love the experience and dig the scoops! Schedule your custom sundae bar by contacting our Scoopologists at 970-412-1080 today!

Private Parties

When you book a sundae bar, your “scoopologist” will set up, serve, and clean up, letting you enjoy the sweet company of your friends and family. Customized to your tastes, a hosted sundae bar is the cherry on top to any get-together.

Company Events

Whether you’re celebrating the crushing of a monthly goal, congratulating a team member on their promotion, or recognizing a company anniversary or milestone, a hosted sundae bar is a perfect way to say “Woo Hoo.” Make it a good day with a sundae.


If you really want to create a memorable experience for your guests, book a custom ice cream sundae bar for your  reception. We’ll create a unique signature sundae for you, along with a bouquet of toppings  to create the perfect frozen delight for you. 

The Inside Scoop - Try Not to Drool

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